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We are a duo of multilingual singer-songwriters and visual artists.
:: Paintings, Photography, Digital Art, Music, and Screenplays ::

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Syl's photography

Sylvie Chadourne
(AKA Syl Chad)

  Colour Slides  

Syl Chad's photo gallery

A selection of my best colour slides photographs realised from 1993 to 2002
with a reflex camera
using lenses from 24 mm to 500 mm.

Sylvie Chadourne
(AKA Syl Chad)

  Digital Photography  

Syl Chad's digital photo gallery

Digital photographs
realised from 2003 to 2010
with a digital camera
using lenses from 18 mm to 200 mm.

Colour Slides :: the VERY BEST ::


:: Flowers :: Grass :: Leaves :: Waters ::
:: Coldness :: Bushes :: Fire :: Water & Grass ::

nature photos by Sylvie Chadourne



:: Structures :: Inks :: Lights :: Spectral Lights :: Pyro ::

experimental photos by Sylvie Chadourne

Colour Slides :: the BEST ::

Nature Enter
Digital Photo galleries :


:: Animals :: Landscapes :: Sunsets
:: Flowers & Plants :: Structures :: Water ::

nature photos by Sylvie Chadourne


Architecture & People of Andalucia

digital photos by Sylvie Chadourne
photography technique

About the technique

Syl's biography

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