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We are a duo of multilingual singer-songwriters and visual artists.
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Syl's biography Paintings | Drawings | Photography | Digital Art | Music

Sylvie Chadourne (aka Syl Chad),
born in Lille (France) on the 11th of March 1967.

Syl is born in the north of France (Lille), in march 1967. She is 9 years old when my family moved to the French Riviera. At the age of 14, she starts taking photographs and learns the laboratory work with BW photos thanks to an "Atelier of Art" for young people. As a teenager, her interests also go to writing, singing, philosophy and psychology, a discipline she will study later at the University of Nice.

Syl wishes to orient herself towards Plastic Arts and experiments different aspects of Art: wood sculptures, gouache. In 1989, Syl teaches herself with books, how to draw and the classical oil painting technique. Three years later, she comes back to Photography and completes her knowledge of the Art and Technique of Photography. Nature becomes her favourite subjects (using slides colour film). Photography becomes her main activity at that time. She also keeps on producing drawings, experimenting different medium such as charcoal, sanguine and dry pastels. At that time, various personal exhibitions take place (Photography, Pastels, Oils), accompanied by audio-visual shows (slide shows associating photographs, photomontages and music), conceived and realized with other artists.

In 1999, Syl enters the electronic world, learning how to use a computer, again thanks to books. Syl got passionate by the possibility offered by the Internet network., During this new period, she will complete her impressive photographic work on the abstract and figurative expressions of Nature in the course of the seasons, so called "contemplative photography". She also carries out researches on the chromatic basis of light leading to "experimental photography". Having developed some computer skills, a new approach to photographs through Digital Photo and photo edition software.
Within the framework of Visual and Plastic arts, Syl directs her steps to a constant experimentation of various techniques, combining Photography, Painting, Drawing and Digital medium tending towards specific syntheses of various fields. She gives different names to her artworks: she calls her painting and drawing style Romantic Surrealism, her Nature and research photographs respectively Contemplative Photography and Experimental Photography.

Her goal is to create pictures with meanings, still images that would talk to our souls. She digs deep inside her instinctive character to communicate with images like a poet would with words. Aesthetic takes an important place in her work. The artist thinks that beauty is an essential condiment to a sane and spicy live! As you would have guessed, Syl is a Nature lover. IT has been a constant source of inspiration to her. Through her artwork, she hopes to give around good feelings, to surprise our eyes, to transmit her love of Nature and, finally remind us not to forget about the constant miracle we are living in!

In 2012, Syl decides to start a singer-songwriters career and it is working out fine, so far.
Nowadays, Syl keeps on following her inspiration through diverse artistic expressions, such as writing and music.

Studies & Degrees:
1984: College 'Amiral de Grasse' - Grasse ( F)
Baccalaureate "Economic and Social Sciences"
1984-1986: University of Nice - Nice ( F)
Degree in Psychology (D.E.U.G)

Languages spoken: French, Spanish, English, some German…

List of solo exhibitions:
1992- Reese Gallery - Oil paintings and Drawings (Hamburg, Germany)
1996- Klein Heinrich Gallery – Photography (Glückstadt, Germany)
1998- Galerie du Moulin – Photography exhibition + audio-visual show based on Syl’s photographs (Grasse, France)
2003- Kiosque des Arts - (Cannes, France)
2007 - “Perfect World”: exhibition at the Prado23 (Marbella-Spain) Digital photomontage printed on canvas (Giclée) -

List of collective exhibitions:
1991- “El Chico”- Oil paintings and Drawings (Marbella, Spain)
1994- Sophia-Antipolis Gallery - Oil paintings (Antibes, France)
1994 - Antibes (France) - Marché des Artistes -
1995- Reese Gallery - Oil paintings and Drawings (Hamburg, Germany)
1997- Glückstadt Kino - Oil paintings, Drawings and Photographs + audio-visual show based on Syl’s photographs, together with Richard MERIC (Glückstadt, Germany)
2000- Reese Gallery - Oil paintings, Drawings and Photographs - (Hamburg, Germany)
2003- Kiosque des Arts - (Cannes, France) -

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