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We are a duo of multilingual singer-songwriters and visual artists.
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  :: The "moods" CALENDAR - 1987 / 1999  :: Oil Paintings by Ricmeric  

Far from being a calendar, this serie presents a range of states of mind
experiented by individual accross the seasons.

The relationship to the Months of the year is however illustrated in the backgrounds,
and by the general environment: in each picture, a clock indicates the number of the month.

In each one of the paintings, a couple is represented, as well as a tiling of two
colours or values to symbolize the dualistic oppositions and conjunctions.

Each image is also subject of a perspective or architectural experiment,
where interior and external merge.

"October" not being yet carried out to date, another painting is there temporarily substituted:
" Sleepless night " conceived and realized between 1993 and 1994.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the view
" January " - Melancholy " February " - Reflection " March " - Distraction
" April " - Futility
" May " - Stability
" June " - Confusion
" July " - Animality " August " - Relaxation " September " - Evasion
" October " - Depression " November " - Agressivity " December " - Disillusion

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