Meet ZACH, a small-town thug, who schemes to inherit a large fortune by usurping the identity of a dead man. TOMCAT, a ruthless criminal, double-crosses Zach and commits murder to steal the dead man's identity for himself.

Meet CARTER, a champion cyclist and wannabe superhero, of mixed heritage including the Native American Maklak tribe, who witnesses the murder by Tomcat. That same night, Carter is hit by a car and injured.

Two years later, Carter, who rarely leaves home except to ride his bicycle, recovers from his injury and mourns his parents' death at the hands of a drunk driver. When the night comes, he turns into a vengeful serial killer, called THE PROHIBITOR by the media, periodically killing drunks with his sword cane before they can get behind the wheel.

Tomcat, now wealthy, comes back in town to visit his mother MELANY who is in the hospital where sexy young nurse SYBIL just landed a job. When Tomcat and his henchmen show up, Sybil's boyfriend Zach spots him entering the hospital and hatches a plan of revenge.

Tomcat decides to silence Carter for good. As his henchmen lay an ambush for Carter, the later falls head over heels for MARY, a young historian also of partial Maklak descent. The changes in Carter's routine and the attempts of Zach and friends to kidnap Melany thwart Tomcat's gang efforts to kill Carter.

As he struggles to get rid of his murderous impulse, Carter goes with Mary on a research trip to visit old Maklak sites in the high desert country. The two gangs seize the opportunity to trail them and take care of Carter in isolated surroundings. A dramatic chase full of twists and turns takes place, during which fate seems to persist in protecting the lovers.

A few days later, back at Carter's home, Mary discovers evidence suggesting that Carter may be the Prohibitor. Meanwhile the two gangs finally collide in a breathtaking bloodbath. Zach and Tomcat survive.

Unaware that two detectives are following him, and that Mary knows about his dark secret, Carter takes her for a romantic walk. Zach bumps into Carter. Carter recognizes Zach as one of his pursuers and decides to shadow him.

Tomcat reaches Zach before Carter does. As Tomcat threatens Zach with a gun, Carter appears. Carter recognizes Tomcat and unsheathes his sword cane. Tomcat points his gun to Carter's chest. As they are both about to kill each other, Carter seems to feel faint and closes his eyes.

When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in a hospital room, only slightly wounded, short after the opening accident. His parents and the additional characters that appeared in the paranoid superhero story that he imagined during his coma surround him.