The script is among the semi-finalists of the Screenplay Festival Contest and of the Writer’s Place screenplay contest for the May through October 2008 competition period.

We are a duo of singer-songwriters and visual artists. Richard has created cutting-edge surrealist narrative paintings. Sylvie is a photographer and a web designer.

Richard has written numerous newspaper articles, and two stage plays that have been performed at the Festival d’Avignon in France. After years of research in Psychology, he wrote a 600 pages essay about personality types published on the Internet.

During the past years, we have always put first the quality of our creations, sometimes at the expense of financial benefits. In 2008, we felt we had reached a point in our visual creations and that was time for us to become writers.

Our Goals:
Our goal is to perfect our craft in scriptwriting to break into the movie business. We want to tell stories that are entertaining and meaningful. Our multi-cultural background allows us to enlarge our story telling abilities. We are French but we write in English.

Work in progress:
We are prolific artists. We have 16 scripts in progress and many story ideas. We are currently finishing the treatment of our next feature-length script, an action/adventure script with natural disaster issues.

Studies & Degrees:
* Richard MERIC:
1966: Baccalaureate of “Letters and Philosophy” - College Pierre Puget (Marseille - F)
1966-1968. Two years of studies of Philosophy – University of Aix-en-Provence (F)

* Sylvie Chadourne:
1984: Collège Amiral de Grasse - Grasse ( F)
Baccalaureate "Economic and Social Sciences"
1984-1986: University of Nice - Nice ( F)
Degree in Psychology (D.E.U.G)

Languages spoken by both of us: French, English, Spanish and some German.

Websites: www.sylandric.com | livemusic.sylandric.com